Children’s Mysteries

It’s not a crime to grow kids’ minds!

Children love a good mystery.  And you’ll love our affordable rates.  The Mystery Shop offers both – along with a huge dose of fun and excitement.  But equally important, we provide an interactive mystery that gets kids involved and thinking.

Our YOUNGER DETECTIVES (K-2) will have fun with age-appropriate puzzles to solve a mystery geared specifically for them!

Our CHILDREN’S MYSTERY  (Grades3-6) starts with a short play, presented by professional actors, that outlines the “case,” and children solve riddles, puzzles and coded messages

HISTORY MYSTERY (Grades 3-6). THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING … and our hero, Paul Revere, has lost his horse on the eve of his famous ride. Join the glory-driven Paul as he frantically searches for his stolen steed.

CSI:  KIDS – CREATING, SOLVING, INTERACTINGKids not only solve a mystery, but help to create it as well!  Our one-hour product is an interactive adventure of mysterious games, puzzles, stories and fun!

MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOLMurder in Three Acts, Prime Suspect: Through using clues and evidence to solve a crime, these programs perk the student’s inquisitive senses …traits that will help them in future years.

Or try our hands-on MYSTERY WORKSHOP (Grades 4 and up). As part of your M.O.D. (Master Of Deduction) Squad training, we’ll acquaint you with the basic elements of any mystery in this lively discussion. Four and eight session options are also available.

For mixed groups, we suggest our STORYTELLING PROGRAM. This ensemble-based program offers the combined talents of storytellers and actors to create a unique entertainment package. The timeless art of storytelling is old-fashioned magic that will enchant young and old alike. The Mystery Shop blends some of the best music and tales of all time: stories funny and spooky, tales classic and modern, legend and folklore, music and song — and plenty of audience participation. It’s perfect family entertainment.

Also available: S.T.E.P. (Storytelling Enrichment Program), four 1-hour sessions designed to unleash imagination as participants create anMystery Guy Left.fwd present their own unique stories!

Our children’s programs are ideal for schools, libraries, fund-raisers, day camps, scouting events, birthday parties — anywhere kids come together to have fun.

Also check out our Mystery Pictures for Kids activity page!

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