The ABC’s of Crime – Answers

Here are the answers to the post we sent last week.  How did you do?

The ABC’s of Crime

Law enforcement agencies LOVE initials and abbreviations!  Can you figure out what each of the following stands for?





AFIS               Automated Fingerprint Identification System

APB                All Points Bulletin

ATF                 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

BOLO             Be On the Look Out

BSU                Behavioral Science Unit (profilers)

COD               Cause of Death

CSI                  Crime Scene Investigators (or Investigation)

CSU                Crime Scene Unit

DNA               Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DOA               Dead on Arrival

FBI                  Federal Bureau of Investigation

GSR                Gun Shot Residue

INTERPOL    International Police

LDSK             Long Distance Serial Killer

LUD                Local Usage Detail (phone records)

POI                 Person of Interest

RICO              Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

TOD                Time of Death

UNSUB           Unknown Subject

VICAP            Violent Criminal Apprehension Program


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