Sherlock’s Summer

BacDrinksk in May, we asked the Mystery Shop staff to take pictures with our Sherlock flyer (#SherlocksSummer). The person who posted the most pictures on Facebook wins a prize. First, thanks to all of you who participated in our Post Your Pictures contest. We had close to 160 entries! Sherlock had a great time this summer and traveled all over the country from Mt. Rushmore to Tampa! He even attended a bachelorette party!  And, of course, drinking was involved:

Here are the scores:

  • Kristi Alsip -16 (third place)
  • Carolyn Larsen -12
  • Julie Hurt – 11
  • Diana Oshiro – 11
  • Valerie Gugala – 7
  • Emily Finnelly – 6
  • Ginny Lennon – 3
  • Tyler Rankin – 2
  • Sheri Warren – 1
  • Terra Cipra – 1
  • Larry Gorman – 1

And it was a neck and neck finish between Carol Townsend and Irene Currie. And the winner – by a nose is IRENE with 44 points, and CAROL finishing at 42 points for second place!


Thanks again, everyone. I hope you had fun and I know Sherlock did!
Sherlock Winners.fw

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