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ist1_2170934_investigatorStill time to plan your End of the Year School Assemblies

Looking for a unique and exciting event for your students before you send them off for summer vacation?   We have the perfect solution!

Your students will scream with delight when you host a Mystery Shop show.


What is The Mystery Shop?


THE MYSTERY SHOP is a traveling theatre specializing in adult and children’s interactive mysteries and programs.  We excite the mind as well as the funny bone.  Hosting an event is EASY – you provide the location and we’ll do the rest!  Our programs include:

* Murder in Three Acts
* Prime Suspect mystery game
* Children’s mysteries (Grades K-12)
* History mystery (Paul Revere’s Missing Horse)

* CSI Kids children’s program (for small groups)
* Mystery workshops
* Storytelling programs
* Storytelling Enrichment Programs

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Price depends on what show(s) you choose.  Call us to “further your investigation.”


We’ll be happy to send you our FREE “evidence” kit, which includes details about all of our programs, prices, etc. Letters of Reference and a promotional DVD are also available upon request.

Mary Heitert
(630) 690-1105 


Serving corporate, non-profit and private parties for 25 years!

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