Prime Suspect Mystery Game- Hollywood Homicide in Wheaton, IL

Prime Suspect Myster Shop ThatreIt was 21 years ago today (September 24, 1993) that we performed our first Prime Suspect mystery game: HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE. It was for a private party in Wheaton, written by Mystery Shop playwright Tom Rieser, and it’s one of our most popular programs.

You’re a producer, director, actress or actor. Maybe you’re a success, maybe not. If your movie is a success, you can get many times the return on your investment. If your movie is NOT a success, oh well, that’s show biz!

As the success or failure revealed, more facts about a murder surface. The audience uses this evidence to determine the PrimPrime Suspect Mystery Theatree Suspect.

You don’t just watch this performance – you experience it, through total audience participation. One thing is certain – a murder has been committed and you’re involved. Can you discover the PRIME SUSPECT?

To book this show for your party, contact us at 630-690-1105. We’ll be happy to “clue” you in!


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