Paul Revere’s Missing Horse

Paul Revere’s Missing Horse

We just celebrated our country’s independance from the British.  What better way to teach your students about this important part of America’s history than with an interactive performance that will bring history to life.

History Mystery (Grades 3-6):   Paul Revere’s Missing Horse

THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING … and our hero Paul Revere has lost his horse on the eve of his famous ride. Join the glory-driven Paul as he stumbles and bumbles his way through colonial Boston in a desperate and frantic search for his stolen steed. Along the way, you’ll meet a host of delightful characters including a Torie tea salesman down on his luck, a rough and tumble family heading West, and even the fiery war hawk Molly Pitcher. This fun-filled show will generate enthusiasm for history, theatre, problem solving and teamwork.


The show is a perfect tie-in to the Illinois Learning Standards which focus on applied learning skills, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and making connections.   Of particular interest is Social Science State Goal #16: “Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of the United States.” Through the use of a live and interactive performance, THE MYSTERY SHOP also incorporates Fine Arts State Goal #27, especially “understanding how the arts shape and reflect history, society and everyday life.”

MYSTERY SHOP performances stimulate the mind as well as the funny bone. Puzzles and red herrings abound in our two-hour presentation of Paul Revere’s Missing Horse.

Children will:

*          Learn and share basic knowledge of the 13 original colonies

*          Work with a map in order to find clues necessary to solve the mystery

*          Work with a timeline focusing on events leading up to the Revolutionary War

*          Work as a team (contributing individually as well as members of a group)

*          Think analytically by deductive reasoning, observation and recall, and making inferences.

*          Follow directions (both verbal and written)

*          HAVE FUN!


Through the course of the play, children will be able to demonstrate knowledge of many significant historical events and concepts, including:

*          The Sons of Liberty

*          Loyalists/Tories

*          The Townshend Acts

*          The 13 original colonies

*          The hectic rigors of life on a colonial farm

*          The delicate position of Loyalists in a city filled with the “Spirit of ‘76”

*          The significant role of women in the Revolutionary War (especially the feisty Molly Pitcher  and the brave Deborah Sampson)

*          The tenacity and will necessary for families venturing West

*          The necessity of colonists working together to defeat the most powerful nation in the world

*          E Pluribus Unum: Paul Revere may be the hero in the history books, but victory does not rest in the hands (and horse) of ONE man. It lies in the hands and hearts of MANY men, women and children, acting as one.


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