National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day


Exercise your problem brain with a puzzle. January 29th is National Puzzle Day.

Whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, word searches, brain teasers, Soduku or solving a mystery, puzzles put our minds to work.

Studies have found that when we work on a puzzle, we use both sides of the brain, and spending time daily working on puzzles improves memory, cognitive function and problem-solving skills.

The bottom line is, puzzles stimulate the brain, keeping it active and practicing its skills.


Started in 2002 by Jodi Jill, National Puzzle Day was created as a way to share her enjoyment of puzzles.  As a syndicated newspaper puzzle maker and professional quiz maker, Jodi Jill developed classroom lesson plans especially for National Puzzle Day and the popularity has grown year after year.


Spend time putting together a jigsaw puzzle with a friend, or grab a cup of coffee and complete a Sudoku or crossword puzzle.   Use #NationalPuzzleDay to post on social media.

Of course, the best way to solve a puzzle is by solving a MYSTERY!  The Mystery Shop has brain-teasers for both adults and kids. In honor of National Puzzle Day on January 29, book your show TODAY and get $29.00 off (any show, any date in 2018!).

Want a sample of our brain-teasers for kids?  Check this out:

Activites for kids


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