Murder in Three Acts: “Chained Melody”

The Mystery Shop celebrates the 13th anniversary of our first performance of Chained Melody (July 20, 2001). The client was Bloomingdale Library.

Rock StarThe plot:  MELODY CARLISLE is a BIG rock star.  She likes strawberries, Taco Tico and the color purple.  She never goes anywhere without her Pomeranian dog, Doodles.  KATY LEXINGTON is Melody’s mother.  She is divorced from her first husband, Hal, and is currently married to LUTHER LEXINGTON. Luther is Melody’s business manager as well as her step dad.  KENDRA HAGAN is Melody’s “Number One Fan,” and a computer geek who makes money maintaining fan websites.  They are currently at WNG-TV Studios, where Melody is scheduled to do a live concert to promote her new CD.  But things don’t go according to plan…
Chained Melody is one of the scripts in our Murder in Three Acts series and is perfect for Junior High, High School and adult audiences.

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