MOD SQUAD (Masters Of Deduction)

MOD SQUAD (Masters Of Deduction)


As part of your M.O.D. (Master of Deduction) Squad training, we’ll acquaint you with the basic elements of any mystery in this lively discussion. You may even get to create a challenging mystery of your own!

Mystery Workshop

Through The Mystery Shop’s  hands-on, interactive workshop, participants will:

  •  Learn and recognize essential elements of any mystery-type situation
  • Improve interpersonal skills through group discussions and working in teams
  • Investigate the facts of a problem and propose solutions based on the evidence
  • Enhance writing skills and creative thinking through the team-creation of an original mystery story or play
  • Observe that crime does not pay!



Ages: Can be adapted to any age – 9 through 90!  Challenging for adults yet accessible enough for children (fourth grade and up).

Min/Max:  5/50

Sessions Three different options are available for total flexibility:

  • Number of sessions:     1 (two hours total)
    A general overview of the “deadly” elements of a mystery:  crime, setting, suspect/criminal, evidence/clues, protagonist, suspense, solution.  Using this knowledge, participants will solve baffling cases!
  • Number of sessions:     4  (two hours each; eight hours total)
    In-depth discussions about specific elements of a mystery – with cases that relate to each element.
  • Number of sessions:     8 (two hours each; sixteen hours total)
    Take all the information you learned in the first four sessions, add a bit of imagination and create your own original mystery


Are you a Master of Deduction?  Book our mystery workshop and find out!Mystery Workshop



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