Masters of Deduction

Masters of Deduction

It was 17 years ago today (June 15, 1998) that we first performed our mystery workshop:  M.O.D. Squad (Masters of Deduction). It was the first day of a ten day program created for a gifted summer camp in Palos Heights.

What is the MOD Squad?

As part of your M.O.D. (Master Of Deduction) Squad training, we’ll acquaint you with the basic elements of any mystery in this lively discussion. You may even get to create a challenging mystery of your own!

MOD Squad
Masters of Deduction
  • Through THE MYSTERY SHOP’s hands-on, interactive workshops, participants will:
  • Learn and recognize essential elements of any mystery-type situation.
  • Improve interpersonal skills through group discussions and working in teams.
  • Investigate the facts of a problem and propose solutions based on the evidence.
  • Enhance writing skills and creative thinking through the team-creation of an original mystery story or play.
  • Observe that crime does not pay!


What is a mystery?  According to the dictionary, a mystery is anything strange or inexplicable. Something that has not been, or cannot be explained. SYNONYMS: Problem, puzzle, riddle.

As members of the M.O.D. Squad, you will be investigating the following seven “deadly” elements of a mystery. These elements are used in combination to explain an event, tell a story or describe a “case.”

  1. THE CRIME. A serious offense which is punishable by law.
  2. THE SETTING. The place in which something occurs
  3. THE SUSPECT OR CRIMINAL. Based on first impressions/initial information, a person who may have committed a crime.
  4. EVIDENCE/CLUES. Anything that established a fact OR gives reason for believing something.
  5. PROTAGONIST/INVESTIGATOR. One who makes a careful study of facts to determine the guilt or innocence of persons.
  6. SUSPENSE. Adds excitement to a story or event
  7. SOLUTION. A problem solved by linking evidence to a specific person who committed a crime.

As every good DETECTIVE knows, you have to use the FIVE W’s and ONE H before any case is closed:

MOD Squad - Masters of Deduction
Masters of Deduction
  1. WHAT is the mystery/crime?
  2. WHERE did it take place (setting)?
  3. WHEN did it happen?
  4. WHO is the victim?
  5. WHY did it happen (motive)?
  6. HOW did it happen?

When you have answers to the above questions, you should be able to determine another W:  WHO DONE IT?

Contact us today to book your M.O.D. Squad mystery workshop.  We’ll be happy to “clue” you in!


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