Interactive Mysteries for Adults and Teens

mystery shop 603 It was 20 years ago today (June 15, 1994) that The Mystery Shop performed our 400th show! The show was an adult mystery (Murder in Three Acts) called “A Test of Wills”. The client was the Wheaton Library.

As of today, we have performed 2936 shows for a wide variety of audience.

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The Mystery Shop offers “murder most foul” for every occasion and budget. You choose the show that’s right for you and we’ll provide the corpse.  Perfect for corporate events, fund-raisers, team-building, etc.

When a terrible crime is committed, it’s up to you to bring the killer to justice.

Hosting a Mystery Shop event is EASY – you provide the “scene of the crime” and we’ll do the rest! We provide the plot, professional actors, clues and everything else your group will need to solve this heinous crime. It’s rare entertainment for any occasion.

Our adult programs are perfect for middle school and high school students as well as adult groups.

Murder in Three Acts (two hours)

Our Murder in Three Acts is a real killer. Our actors perform a scripted play in three acts, incorporating clues to solve the mystery.

After Act 1, the audience begins its investigation. You’re on the case as you question suspects, examine evidence and “buy” insider information (with Mystery Shop Investigation Bucks).

Act II thickens the plot so the audience can continue it pursuit of the murderer. Act III brings a solution – with suspect, motive and method.

There’s plenty of time for group participation – and even more time for fun.

Prime Suspect (1-1/2 hours)

A mystery game for small groups (40 people maximum)

This interactive game, called Prime Suspect, packs a double entertainment wallop. First, members of the audience participate in an auction – bidding with Mystery Shop money. Your financial success depends upon how astutely you bid and how well your investment fares.

As the success or failure of each investment is revealed, more facts about a murder surface. The audience uses this evidence to determine the prime suspect in this fast-paced game.

You don’t just watch this performance – you experience it, through total audience participation. One thing is certain – a murder has been committed and you’re involved. Can you discover the PRIME SUSPECT?



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