Interactive Mysteries for Adults and Teens

It was 24 years ago today (August 25, 1990) that The Mystery Shop performed The Spirit of Things for the first time. The client was the Aurora YMCA. Roger Rueff is the playwright and the current director is Mike Speller.

Watch a trailer video now!

The Spirit of Things is one of several Murder In Three Acts scripts .

The Mystery Shop’s MuSpirit of Things Madame Zeldarder in Three Acts is a real killer. Professional actors perform a scripted play in three acts, incorporating clues to solve the mystery.

After Act 1, the audience begins its investigation. You’re on the case as you question suspects, examine evidence and “buy” insider information (with Mystery Shop Investigation Bucks).

Act II thickens the plot so the audience can continue it pursuit of the murderer. Act III brings a solution – with suspect, motive and method.

There’s plenty of time for group participation – and even more time for fun.


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