About Us

What Is The Mystery Shop?

The Mystery Shop is a traveling theatre specializing in adult and children’s interactive mysteries and programs.

Hosting a Mystery Shop event is easy – you provide the “scene of the crime” and we’ll do the rest!

Since 1988, we have been staging shows for a wide range of audiences:

  • Corporations
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Non-profit groups such as libraries, schools and park districts.
  • Social groups, clubs and private parties.
  • Children (all ages)

Our productions are real mysteries – written by professional playwrights and performed by professional actors and actresses. The Mystery Shop is committed to providing quality entertainment to an active and involved audience. We stimulate the mind as well as the funny bone.

Why The Broad Appeal Of The Mystery Shop?

Our audiences have provided us with a number of clues:

  • The Mystery Shop offers a full range of interactive programs – from full-blown crime waves to storytelling programs. You choose the plot that’s right for you.
  • Mystery Shop’s interactive mysteries appeal to the detecting instincts of a wide range of audiences – children and adults, business and social.
  • Mystery Shop mysteries are ideal for small groups and large: corporate meetings, hotel and restaurant events, clubs and organizations, churches and fund-raisers, schools and scouts, private parties and public occasions.
  •  Like any great mystery, Mystery Shop’s interactive productions offer fatal attractions for everyone – adventure, thrills, surprises, devious villains, reprehensible motives, appalling crimes – in short, fun for everyone.
  • Best of all, The Mystery Shop has a program just right for you – every age, every group, every budget.

See what a few of our customers have to say…


Mystery Guy.fwThe Mystery Shop has a program for every group
and every budget. We provide quality entertainment
at affordable prices.

Contact us for details – we’ll be happy to “clue” you in!

Also Available From The Mystery Shop

  • Gift Certificates
  • Letters of Reference
  • Promotional DVD
  • Multiple booking rates
  • Customized travel rates outside the Chicagoland area
  • Visa and MasterCard accepted


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