Interactive Mystery: Hollywood Homicide

Interactive Mystery: Hollywood Homicide

PRIME SUSPECT – An Interactive Mystery Game

Prime Suspect Mystery Game

This fast-paced mystery game packs a double entertainment wallop.  First, members of the audience participate in an auction – bidding with MYSTERY SHOP money.  Your financial success depends upon how astutely you bid and how well your investment fares.  As the success or failure of each investment is revealed, more facts about a murder surface.  The audience uses this evidence to determine the Prime Suspect.

The script is called HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE.  You’re a producer, director, actress or actor.  Maybe you’re a success, maybe not.  If your movie is a success, you can get many times the return on your investment.  If your movie is NOT a success, oh well, that’s show biz!

You don’t just watch this performance – you experience it, through total audience participation.  One thing is certain – a murder has been committed and you’re involved.

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