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It’s their journey … 

In keeping with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, we have several shows that tie in perfectly with your programs:

It’s Your Planet, Love It! (for Grades K-3)

"The Mystery of the Missing Moon"
“The Mystery of the Missing Moon”

The show is called The Mystery of the Missing Moon. Someone has stolen our moon, and it’s up to us to find it. The young astronauts (with the help of MYSTERY SHOP actors) take a trip through the Solar System as they solve puzzles, question the suspected planets, and remember facts and clues about the planets. Using these puzzles and clues, the kids narrow down which of the planets stole the moon and why. The moon then reappears with an environmental message for the young astronauts.  By the end of the “case,” the children will be able to identify which of the planets in largest, smallest, hottest, coldest, closet to the Earth, farthest from the Sun, etc. In addition to the lessons children will learn about the planets and the Solar System, The Mystery of the Missing Moon also focuses on the environment and what simple steps young astronauts can take to better care for and protect nature.

SkillBuilding Badge sets:  Detective (for Grades 3-6)

Our children’s mystery starts with a short play, presented by professional actors, that outlines the “case.” (PLEASE NOTE: in keeping with family-sensitive values, there are NO murders in our children’s mystery programs – only good, clean, baffling fun!) The audience works in teams to solve the mystery. The children must solve riddles, puzzles and coded messages.  By working in teams, the girls learn teamwork and communication skills, as well as observation and recall, decision making and deductive reasoning.

It’s Your Story, Tell it!  (all ages)

Our STEP (Storytelling Enrichment Program) is designed to unleash imagination and creativity through the art of Storytelling. Participants will learn that every story needs a little SCAMP (Setting, Characters, Action, Message/Moral, Problem) as they create and present their own unique stories!  After we go over the basics of a story, the girls work together in small groups to create a team story and present it to the rest of the group.  They will also learn the skills to create their individual stories on their own.  Because they work together in a team, they must each have their own voice heard and respected by their teammates and the rest of the group as a whole.  OPTIONS:  4 one-hour sessions as a series or 1 two-hour event.

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