Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

Today, March 5, is Employee Appreciation Day. I want to take a moment to thank The Mystery Shop’s awesome staff. We have the best and loyalist group ever. The staff incluEmployee Appreciation Daydes actors, directors, playwrights, storytellers and tech. Several people have been with us for over 20 years!

Thank you to the following people who make this job a pleasure:

Kristi Alsip

Nancy Braus

Terra Cipra

Irene Currie

Angela DeMarco

Cynthia DeSiefe

Larry Gorman

Valerie Gugala

Kas Hesek

Julie Hurt

Annette Knitter

Carolyn Larsen

Ginny Lennon

Mary Nigohosian

Diana Oshiro

Janel Palm

Tyler Rankin

Tom Rieser

Karen Rosenberg

Roger Rueff

Eric Senne

Erica Sharpe

Mike Speller

Carol Townsend

Sheri Warren

Employee appreciation day

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