Death in Prime Time

It was four years ago today (October 5, 2011) that we performed our Death in Prime Time script for the first time.  The client was Northwoods Middle School in Woodstock.  The cast included Larry Gorman, Kristi Alsip (also the director), Terra Cipra, Sara Skar, Valerie Gulgala and Mary Heitert,


Death in Prime Time

TV director CHRIS HALL is doing a re-make of a famous sit-com from the 80’s, called The Foster Formula. The original show was canceled after the death of its star, beloved actress – Claire Crawford. Today, three actresses are up for the part formerly held by Claire. RITA CRAWFORD, daughter of famous actress Claire Crawford, assumes she will automatically get the part because of her mother’s legacy. MORGAN AMBROSE just finished a very successful run of another sit-com. She played the quirky best friend to the show’s lead. MARY LOU ROGERS is a sweet young thing who just arrived in Hollywood from Beatrice, NE with stars in her eyes.


This production is one of our two-hour adult mysteries (Murder in Three Acts). You are about to see a short play presented by MYSTERY SHOP actors. LISTEN AND WATCH CAREFULLY! Important information necessary to solve the mystery is incorporated in the play. The play is divided into acts. At the end of each act, you will have the opportunity to question suspects, examine evidence and “buy” information.

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Murder Mystery
Death in Prime Time murder mystery


Death in Prime Time

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