CSI: Kids (Creating, Solving, Interacting), Grades 3-6

CSI: Kids (Creating, Solving, Interacting), Grades 3-6

CSI: Kids

It was eight years ago today (June 25, 2009) that we performed the Grades 3-6 version of CSI:  Kids  (Creating, Solving, Interacting).  The client was Hustisford Library in Wisconsin, and it was performed by Erica Sharpe and Mary Heitert.  Erica is also the playwright of this script.

CSI: Kids is designed for small groups (20 children or under) and is perfect for libraries, park districts, birthday parties, scout troops, classrooms – any time kids gather to have fun.

We also have a Grades K-2 version.

Kids not only solve a mystery, but help to create it as well!  Our one-hour product is an interactive adventure of mysterious games, puzzles, stories and fun!  It involves theatre games, a build-a-story with a mystery theme and a Create Your Own Mystery where the children have the opportunity to not only act in the story, but make decisions that move the action forward.


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CSI: Kids, Grades 3-6

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