Children’s Mystery Grades 3-6

Children’s Mystery Grades 3-6

CLOEY:  So what, dear sister?  You had no right to take the last piece of chocolate cake!  It was mine and you know it.

FLOEY:  Who says?  I didn’t see your name on it.

CLOEY: What was I supposed to do?  Write my name on the frosting?

Thus starts the wild and hilarious story of The Legend of Pandora’s Box.  The script is one of our children’s mysteries designed for Grades 3-6. The story continues with the silly antics of sisters Floey and Cloey and a very mysterious box.

Kids Mystery
The Legend of Pandora’s Box

Children love a good mystery.  The Mystery Shop offers a huge dose of fun and excitement with every mystery show.  But equally important, we provide an interactive mystery that gets kids involved and thinking.

Our CHILDREN’S MYSTERY starts with a short play, presented by professional actors, that outlines the “case.”  (PLEASE NOTE:  in keeping with family-sensitive values, there are NO murders in our children’s mystery programs – only good, clean, baffling fun!)  The audience (up to 100) work in teams to solve the mystery.  The children must solve riddles, puzzles and coded messages.  They can also “buy” clues with Mystery Shop Investigation Bucks.

As much fun as our play offers, The Mystery Shop offers your children so much more:

  • Teamwork. Each child contributes toward a solution as part of a randomly chosen team.
  • Friendly competition. Teams compete against each other.
  • Observation and recall. Clues are hidden within the play so children will have to listen carefully and remember what they heard.
  • Decision-making. Clues and hints can be bought but there aren’t enough Mystery Shop Investigation Bucks to buy all the clues. The kids have to spend carefully.
  • Deductive-reasoning. While the puzzles and riddles aren’t hard, they will take some thought and concentration.

Mystery for kids

Interactive mysteries for kids

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