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Chained Melody: interactive mystery for teens and adults

Chained Melody: interactive mystery for teens and adults

A crime has been committed and it’s up to YOU to solve it!

Chained Melody


MELODY CARLISLE is a BIG rock star. She likes strawberries, Taco Tico and the color purple. She never goes anywhere without her Pomeranian dog, Doodles. KATY LEXINGTON is Melody’s mother. She is divorced from her first husband, Hal, and is currently married to LUTHER LEXINGTON. Luther is Melody’s business manager as well as her step dad. KENDRA HAGAN is Melody’s “Number One Fan,” and a computer geek who makes money maintaining fan websites. They are currently at WNG-TV Studios, where Melody is scheduled to do a live concert to promote her new CD. But things don’t go according to plan…


Murder in Three Acts

Chained Melody is one of our Murder in Three Acts scripts.  A terrible crime is committed, it’s up to you to bring the killer to justice!

The Mystery Shop’s Murder in Three Acts is a real killer. Professional actors perform a scripted play in three acts, incorporating clues to solve the mystery.

After Act 1, the audience begins its investigation. You’re on the case as you question suspects, examine evidence and “buy” insider information (with Mystery Shop Investigation Bucks).  Act II thickens the plot so the audience can continue it pursuit of the murderer. Act III brings a solution – with suspect, motive and method.

There’s plenty of time for group participation – and even more time for fun.Chained Melody

Our adult mysteries are perfect for corporate events, holiday parties, team building activities, fund-raisers, etc. They are perfectly suited for middle school and high school students as well.

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Thank you for booking our shows in 2020!

Thank you for booking our shows in 2020!

The Mystery Shop thanks the following groups for booking our shows in 2020. We were fortunate enough to get these shows in before the pandemic shut everything down. We can’t wait until it’s safe enough to perform in-person shows again. Ballek party (Huntley) Criddell party (Lansing) Cub Scouts (Chicago) Des Plaines Elks (Des Plaines) Grand… Continue Reading…

Crime for the Holidays!  Christmas-themed mystery authors A-L

Crime for the Holidays! Christmas-themed mystery authors A-L

Christmas time is a major time for murder!  Here is a list of Christmas/Holiday themed novels. This post includes authors from A-L. See next week’s blog for the rest of the alphabet (M-Z).  Then start reading. Thanks to Janet Rudolph and her wonder mystery website for compiling these lists. See more at: Christmas Crime… Continue Reading…

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