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Thank you for booking our shows in 2020!

Thank you for booking our shows in 2020!

The Mystery Shop thanks the following groups for booking our shows in 2020. We were fortunate enough to get these shows in before the pandemic shut everything down. We can’t wait until it’s safe enough to perform in-person shows again.

Thank you for your business

Ballek party (Huntley)

Criddell party (Lansing)

Cub Scouts (Chicago)

Des Plaines Elks (Des Plaines)

Grand Haven Retirement Community (Romeoville)

Highland Park Library (Highland Park)

Ravinia School (Highland Park)

Roselle Park District (Roselle)

Book your 2021 shows now so we can add you to next year’s distinguished list of valued clients!

Business Women’s Day

Business Women’s Day

The Mystery Shop is a woman-owned business and is proud to celebrate Business Women’s Day (September 22).   Since the 1940s, women have been playing an increasing larger role in the world of business. These days, women have practically equal footing to men when it comes to business and there are a large number of… Continue Reading…

“Chained Melody” Anniversary

“Chained Melody” Anniversary

It was 16 years ago today (7/20/01) that The Mystery Shop performed our Chained Melody script for the first time. The client was the Bloomingdale Library and the script was written by Mystery Shop playwright Mike Speller.   PLOT OF CHAINED MELODY MELODY CARLISLE is a BIG rock star. She likes strawberries, Taco Tico and… Continue Reading…

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