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Gift Certificates for interactive parties – adults and kids

Gift Certificates for interactive parties – adults and kids

Give the gift of entertainment!  The Mystery Shop offers gift certificates for all of our interactive programs. 

Give the gift of Entertaiment!

What better way to bring people together in 2021 than an interactive party? Surprise your family or friends with a unique and fun gift this year that they will talk about for years to come.  You choose the show, they choose the date and time most convenient for them!  Perfect for birthdays, retirement parties, kids parties, graduations, family get-togethers, Girls’ Night Out – any time!

Our programs include:

*     Murder in Three Acts

*     Prime Suspect mystery game

*     Children’s mysteries (Grades K-12)

*     CSI: Kids (small groups)

*     History mystery (Paul Revere’s Missing Horse…)

*     Mystery workshops

*     Storytelling programs

*     Storytelling Enrichment Programs

Contact us today at 630-690-1105 or

Give the gift of entertaiment

Crime for the Holidays

Crime for the Holidays

Getting tired of all the holiday merriment and good will?  How about a little murder?  There’s still time to plan your holiday parties with The Mystery Shop. 10% off any show performed for the rest of the year! Share the mystery!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0LinkedinStumbleUpon0emailPrint Continue Reading…

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