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Team-building events – Chicago


The boss has been bugging you about a team-building event for months.  Now the time has come, and there will be no more putting it off.  But does this team-building stuff really work?  And how can you make it fun and effective?

Studies have shown team building events are essential for success in any environment.  Improving communication, strengthening trust, honing problem-solving skills to achieve the collective goal, and so on – all mean good things for the company.

How can you accomplish this seemingly daunting task?  Well, with a little murder, of course!

The Mystery Shop offers interactive mysteries for corporate venues ranging from sales meetings to formal company dinners.  In the course of questioning suspects, examining the evidence and tracking down the killer, your people will:

  • Compete to take the lead in tracking down the ruthless killer.
  • Learn to work together as a team.
  • Follow their instincts in interpreting evidence, questioning suspects and working their way through the villain’s smoke screen.
  • Allocate scarce resources.  They can “buy” clues with Investigation Bucks, but there aren’t enough bucks available to buy all the clues.

Those are the very skills needed to succeed in business.  We create a setting in which your people can let their abilities evolve.

Mystery Shop productions are real mysteries – written by professional playwrights and performed by professional actors and actresses.  They bring a heightened excitement to the unfolding mystery, which your people must solve.

Above all, your employees will be delighted by the adventure and outright fun of a participatory mystery from The Mystery Shop.

Don’t underestimate the carryover of this experience back to your business environment.  Time and again, corporate clients have told us the difference that The Mystery Shop created.

Our interactive mysteries build relationships among the participants.  Once you’ve joined together in the hunt for the killer, your fellow sleuths will never be just names and extensions in the corporate telephone directory.

With The Mystery Shop, you can create real intercompany relationships that further your business goals – and provide quality entertainment, too.  So whether your next corporate event is a sales, planning or interdepartmental meeting, consider this:

Most such meetings provide some non-business time.  This may be a dinner, entertainment break or just free time.  With a Mystery Shop interactive mystery, you can offer an event that will delight your people – in a way that benefits your company … and kills the competition.

Plan your team-building events on a regular basis.  The resulting positive transformation in the workplace will be apparent and will amaze you.  And more important, profoundly impress the boss.

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