Our Moon is Missing!

Our Moon is Missing!

It was 19 years ago today (2/15/97) that The Mystery Shop performed The Mystery of the Missing Moon for the first time.  It was for a private party in Kildeer, IL.

The Mystery of the Missing MoonThe Mystery of the Missing Moon

This one-hour mystery geared specifically for younger children (Grades K – 2). Junior Detectives will have fun solving mysteries with age-appropriate puzzles and lots of interaction with the actors and with each other. The puzzles are challenging but accessible. They require basic knowledge of numbers and the alphabet, but no reading.


The show is called The Mystery of the Missing Moon. Someone has stolen our moon, and it’s up to us to find it. The young astronauts (with the help of MYSTERY SHOP actors) take a trip through the Solar System as they solve puzzles, question the suspected planets, and remember facts and clues about the planets. Using these puzzles and clues, the kids narrow down which of the planets stole the moon and why. The moon then reappears with a final environmental message for the young astronauts.


By the end of the “case,” the children will be able to identify which of the planets in largest, smallest, hottest, coldest, closet to the Earth, farthest from the Sun, etc. In addition to the lessons children will learn about the planets and the Solar System, The Mystery of the Missing Moon also focuses on the environment and what simple steps young astronauts can take to better care for and protect nature.


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